Tranquil Heights

Katie Edgecomb is questioning everything she thought she knew. She thought the family curse was fake, just a scary story her mom told her to keep her from misbehaving. The first-born daughters in each of the last three generations lost their lives on their twenty-fifth birthdays, a series of tragic accidents sending shock waves of grief through multiple generations. It isn’t until Katie is faced with the real-time impacts of the curse that she starts to believe it may be more than a story and she sets out to discover the origins of the family’s fabled curse. Her only clue lies in an exclusive girls’ preparatory academy in Washington that was once an asylum. There, she must face heart-break, ugly truths, and events so terrifying that they threaten to sever her very ties to reality. She has no choice. Katie is pregnant, and she won’t let her child become another life claimed by the curse.

Praise for Tranquil Heights

“Tranquil Heights by Megan Speece is a suspenseful and exciting story. People who love the thrill that horror stories bring will surely be addicted to Tranquil Heights. I had goosebumps the whole time I was reading this story! It was so exciting every time Katie discovered something new. Despite her limited knowledge on the subject, she was not afraid to take action for her family and unborn child. I also worried for her throughout the book. What if it was all hopeless from the start? One wrong move could endanger her and her child instead! The story’s pacing really had me constantly on the edge of my seat. The unpredictable plot had me giddy with excitement with every page I turned, and I was eager to find out the reason for the curse and what could be done to stop it. Katie showed such commendable bravery, and her firm resolve to face the difficulties in life head-on made me admire her even more. The story is truly an enjoyable read, and the eerie feeling I got while reading made it even more exciting! I am certainly craving more thrilling and spine-tingling stories like Tranquil Heights! Well done!”-Readers’ Favorite