Lessons from a Hula Hoop


Lessons from a Hula Hoop

How a Silly Hobby Can Help You Get Good With Yourself

Discover the joy that something as simple as a hula hoop can bring into your life!

What do you think about when someone mentions a hula hoop? Cute, laughing little girls? That incredibly fit and graceful woman you saw on Instagram?

The truth is, even though it can look like a silly hobby for an adult (unless they happen to look amazing while doing it), a hula hoop can take you on an emotional roller coaster, and help you learn a lot about yourself. This discovery took Megan Speece by surprise, and brought her so much joy that she can’t resist sharing it.

Written in a friendly, casual style, and illustrated with mixed media art, this book will take you through one woman’s journey as she discovers the one hobby that she doesn’t abandon (hey, we’ve all started and abandoned so many hobbies and projects!), learns that she can thoroughly enjoy something that’s neither a side hustle nor is she awesome at it, finds an amazing and incredibly supportive community, gets certified, and even becomes a hoopsmith’s ambassador.

You will learn:

•That it’s perfectly fine to fail over and over again
•That it’s perfectly fine not to be great at something (and that you can still enjoy it tremendously)
•How a passion can help you better understand and respect yourself
•That there will be stumbling blocks, but you can move past them
•And much, much more…
•…all without that annoying, fake, toxic positivity!

This book isn’t just about hooping; it’s about finding joy through anything you like.

And you will find it. It’s a promise.

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