Book Review: Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk

Book Review: Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk



I’ve been a fan of Palahniuk since I first discovered a battered copy of Diary in my University library. I devoured that book. And then I bought my own battered copy at a used book store. In those days, I couldn’t afford the luxury of a beloved Barnes & Noble trip and those smooth, glossy, new books. Now, my collection of Palahniuk is filled with new books. All except Diary, which I cannot bring myself to replace.

I read Palahniuk because his works are visceral; they make you feel in a way that books rarely do. I read and re-read his work and have tried to take inspiration from it. So, when I realized he’d written a book on writing, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from him.

This book is charming, in the way that all Palahniuk books are: honest, odd, and a little uncomfortable at times. It is also a fountain of interesting tips and tricks for writers. My favorite bits included a passage on piracy in which Palahniuk astutely points out that piracy is probably what kept Shakespeare enduring in our lexicon for centuries, and a whole chapter dedicated to why writers write. (Hint: it isn’t for fame, respect, or to be liked.)

If you write, I highly recommend giving Consider This a read. It gave me a lot of things to think about and little gems that can improve my story telling.




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