Hello, I am Megan Speece

Writer, horror buff, dog person.

Tranquil Heights

A young woman whose family has tragically lost the first-born daughter in each of the last four generations sets out to discover the origins of, and hopefully break, her family’s curse.

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The Girls Who Jumped

What do you do when you’re the only two people who can help thee dead girl in the cafeteria?

Paige Garrison has just moved to Washington and started at a new school when a classmate is found dead in the waters under Deception Pass bridge. Her death is ruled a suicide, just another life claimed by the height of the bridge and the treacherous waters beneath it. But Paige knows there’s something more to the story of her classmate’s death and sets out to investigate with her best friend. What they find is sad, shocking, and changes their lives forever.

The Girls Who Jumped is a standalone story set in the Tranquil Heights Universe.

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